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Why sponsoring
the 5ICPM 2019?

The fifth International Conference of Psychotraumatology and Mediation (5ICPM) will take place in Kigali, Rwanda,19-22 November 2019, and is hosted by the Government of Rwanda and Institute of Psychotraumatology and Mediation with the support of over 60 partner organizations. The ICPM is the largest conference to bring mental health, mediator and conflict management professionals to discuss the plight of War Victims with fundamental rights advocates in International Kigali, Rwanda. These victims result in a migration flow that exceeds the carrying capacity of developed and undeveloped countries, which are now in peace and in an enviable economic stability. Faced with excess of suffering in the migration patterns of refugees recorded last years and growing uncertainty about the political and economic future in countries with armed conflicts, agitation and fears are increasing in host country.


The 5th International Conference Psychotraumatology and Mediation (5CIPM) is timely at this critical time in the international plan to address this problem on human rights for global mental health in the context of war, terrorism and migration.


The 2019 5ICPM offers your organization a unique opportunity to reach a wide range of delegates from across multiple sectors of the family planning field interested in sharing their knowledge, learning about new innovations and best practices, and connecting with the growing community of mental health, mediator and conflict management professionals, mediators and policy maker, community and business leaders.


You may participate via a variety of sponsorship options at multiple price-points (at both non-profit and private-sector rates), including: exhibition space (located throughout the convention center where our delegates will congregate between sessions), advertising, sponsored sessions and events, participant materials, support for youth delegates, networking opportunities, logo placement and auxiliary events within the convention center complex. The 2019 5ICPM logistics subcommittee is ready and willing to make your sponsorship experience as turn-key, affordable and effective as possible.


To learn more about the opportunities available for conference sponsors, please view the 5ICPM 2019 Sponsorship Manual. In the event that you need more clarification, do not hesitate to contact us for further support. Sponsorship deadlines are available within the sponsorship manual and as a PDF. Sponsorship of the 5ICPM  2019 is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

There is catering (food & beverage) available for the side events. Click here to view all of the menu options (please note that there are specific menus available for certain rooms, dates and times).


Please contact: sponsor@ipm-int.org to inquire about securing a sponsorship today!