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About The Speaker

Michel Botbol

Professor Botbol is a former member of the psychiatric hospitals, former Psychiatrist of the Hospitals, Certified in Preventive Pediatrics (1978) Tropical Medicine (1979) and Social Anthropology (1980) Doctor Honoris Causa of the University of Oradea (Romania) Visiting Professor of the University of Belgrade since 2016, Chevalier des Palmes Académiques since 2005, Psychoanalyst Adherent of the Paris Psychoanalytic Society since 2005. He has held responsibility positions (Chief Medical Officer or Medical Director) in various public institutions in France and as a psychiatric adviser to the French Ministry of Justice for minors. Since 2011, he is Professor of Juvenile Infanto Psychiatry of the University of Western Brittany and Chief Medical Officer of the Department of Pedopsychiatry of the CHU of Brest where he is the pedagogical director of the Interuniversity Diploma “Adolescents Difficiles” of the Greater West. He has always been very involved in the teaching of child psychiatry, particularly in the following fields: • autism • addictions • emerging psychoses • behavioral disorders in adolescence Former Associate Professor of the School of Practical Psychologists of the Catholic University of Paris, responsible for the teaching of child psychiatry and adolescence at the Sorbonne Institute of Criminology, teaching in different universities (France, Serbia, Switzerland, Greece, Spain, Morocco, Latin America). Consultant of the adolescent day hospital of the Belgrade mental health institute (WHO Collaborating Center), the hospital of the Nant Foundation (Vevey), Juvenile Infanto Department of the University of Casablanca. Secretary General of the French Association of Psychiatry from 2007 to 2016. Elected WPA representative for Western Europe for the second time. Chairs of the Association: “Psychoanalysis In Psychiatry” and very involved in the Classification and Education. Director of Meetings of the International College for Person Centered Medicine and Vice President of the World Association of Psychiatry. Author of more than 300 publications and 5 books Co-Director with Professor Mezzich of the book “Person Centered Psychiatry”, Springer, New York (2016)